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Creative Art and Meditation

One Day Workshop

‘Unleash Your Creative Genius’


“For those people who want to be MORE CREATIVE AND EXPRESSIVE  in any field ! nude1

Your Invited!

Through Fun Creative Exercises – Learn 2016-12-10 23.17.44

  • How to “let go” and “free yourself up”
  • Draw an abstract nude from a “Life Model”
  • The creative force you didn’t realise you had!
  • The practice of making your own unique style of artwork
  • 2016-02-24 15.09.18How to use art & meditation to “switch off” negative thoughts
  • How to relax through breathing meditations
  • How to trust your intuition
  • How to turn “mistakes” into strokes of genius!
  • How to increase your energy and vitality
  • Develop the relationship between intuitive thinking (who you are) and logical thinking (line, shape, colour, composition)…to help you say what you want to say through art2016-04-01 12.13.04
  • Feel liberated from your academic/intellectual brain
  • Have permission to “play” and have fun!
  • Complete 2 paintings on canvas to take home!

(Great for beginners or anyone who wants to improve their creativity….



There are 2 mechanisms that explain the positive outcomes to taking up art classes in a group environment

1) increased sense of mastery and enhanced self control boosts the immune system and positive psycho-neuroimmunologic response….and

2) a positive group support and interpersonal engagement, causing a positive psycho-neuroimmune effect.

The latest brain research, indicates that the exercised use of left and right brain  in the second 1/2 of life, reduces the aging process and keeps us young!

The etymology of the English word “art” means ‘to fit together’, to join.

“Harmony” – derived from the Greek root word “harmos” means the shoulder where 2 bones fit together. Helping patients towards a harmonious state by helping them understand their inter-connection with the world.

Carl Gustav Jung, a ground-breaking philosopher and psychologist (last century) understood that the art experience was crucial to self knowledge and he believed that self-knowledge brought about healing.2016-02-24 15.45.08


Marion Parker ND has been a Naturopath, Homoeopath, Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, Energy healer and published writer for over 20 years. She also holds Meditation Classes.

For the past 10 years Marion has painted. Starting with portraits, landscapes and realism, she quickly moved into impressionist painting and then fell naturally into abstract art, where she is most at home and feels most connected. Marion’s artworks are sold to collectors all over the world.

Marion has personally designed this unique “Creative Art and Meditation Workshop” to cater to business people and those under short and long term stress, to help them relax, have fun and let go.

It  is the culmination of her two careers and two sets of knowledge. She expertly combines these knowledge bases together
to help people balance their integrative thinking, (left and right brain integration), and importantly have fun at the same time.2016-04-01 12.13.01

Workshop Details

WHEN:             Sunday November 5th 2017

WHERE:           Oakhill Gallery Mornington

TIME:                10am – 4pm (Registration from 9.30am)myc

PRICE:                $195 pp

PARKING:        Free



This exciting one day workshop, teaches you to improvise, relax and ‘let go’ and that it’s okay to be different and to find your uniqueness. I show you how to get connected to the place inside you where healing and creativity exist and nothing is impossible!” –
Marion Parker ND – Contemporary Artist, Naturopath, Author


“Thanks for the wonderful day, full of creative experience in lovely company. Two things I enjoyed at the workshop were the freedom and joy of creative expression, and the environment (location, people, food)….I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but, I love my paintings!”

Caty Salimova
Researcher – Monash University


“I enjoyed the meditation to start and the relaxed atmosphere of the Workshop…bringing us spontaneously into the abstract art.
My favourite exercise of the day was the big painting done by the group…it was all perfect, even morning and afternoon tea and the beautiful lunch! Thank you.”

A Vale
Building Designer



“I enjoyed an entertaining variety of activities, being taken out of my comfort zone and challenged to start looking at varying my approach to my art…then there was also the warm welcome, the great location, beautiful weather and an excellent lunch”.

Kevin Ritchie
Land & Environment Management

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